Saturday, 16 May 2020

Social Stamping - Sunshine


I'm blog hopping with the lovely and very talented Kelly Kent - and it's well worth checking out everyone in the hop.  The name of the hop is Social Stamping, and this week the theme is Sunshine.

Here in the South Pacific we are heading into winter, so we need all the sunshine we can get!

Here's my contribution

This card is a bit rare for me - it turned out pretty much as it looked in my head when I was thinking about it!

You'll forgive me for a fairly long post, but I wanted to explain how I did this.

My card front was made from Whisper White cardstock, and the first thing I did was decide where I wanted the mountains to be, and ruled a pencil line across the page to indicate that.  I then cut a 3/4" circle out of a post it note using my 3/4" punch. Then I covered below the line with post it notes so I didn't layer the colour where I wanted the water to be.

Next, I started laying down the ink.  I worked from the pencil mark up the page, and first I used Daffodil Delight. I covered the card fairly evenly with this, and made it slightly darker than I thought I wanted, otherwise I found it looked too much light white later on.  Next I used Calypso Coral, and made sure that the colour was more intense near that pencil line, lightening as it went up the page.

Real Red was the final colour, and again, I made sure it was more intense nearer the sun.

Once I was happy with those colours, it was time to move to the bottom part of the card.

I again used post it notes to cover the colouring I had already done, as I didn't want any overlap (although a little wasn't a disaster as I was going to stamp over that line anyway.

Pool Party was the first colour I laid down, and this was very gentle, and spread over the whole of that part of the card.  I wanted the water to be a different colour from the sky, so that layer of blue was enough to change it.

Next came the Calypso Coral and the Real Red again, with the colours being more intense near the pencil line.

I used the Stamparatus to stamp the Waterfront stamp set mountains as they needed stamping 4 or 5 times to be dark enough to not see the colours behind.  I used Memento Ink.  My coverage wasn't perfect, so I used the Basic Black Dark Blend to improve things.

Make sure you take the post it 'sun' off before you stamp the mountains or the sun goes over the mountains and is completely wrong.  Ask me how I know this!!

I used the White Stampin' Chalk Marker to make the lines on the water, but they looked all wrong.  I decided to try rubbing them off with an eraser, and it worked a little to kind of lighten and blur them.  I thought that looked great, so I went a bit firmer.  But had I waited for the ink to dry?  I had not.  So the paper tore a little, however it looks like a particularly choppy wee wave, so I was very happy with it (but I didn't try to replicate it)

So there you have it.

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  1. A beautiful card with an amazing finished effect! Love it.

  2. Lots of love in this card, Andrea and the finished effect is stunning! I love the contrast of the mountains and the colours in the water reflecting the sunset. So realistic and beautiful. x

    1. Thank you Jan - I'm so pleased you liked it!

  3. Wow, amazing work with all the incredible sponging and it looks stunning and so very sunshiney!!

  4. What a gorgeous tranquil scene you've made Andrea! I always think of bright daylight kind of sun when I think of sunshine but the sunset shows another equally beautiful side to it. I enjoyed reading about the creation process too. Vicky x

    1. Thanks Vicky, and thank you for taking the time to read it!

  5. A whole lot of WOW in this card Andrea! And such a good feeling when you can make the magic translate :) Thanks for joining in with Social Stamping! Kelly x

    1. Thank you Kelly! And thank you for hosting us. Andrea

  6. Wow! you put a lot of effort into that sponging and it was worth it!