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Would you like to make money while stamping?
How about setting your own hours?
Or the opportunity to order upcoming products before anyone else?
Or even getting your stamp supplies discounted?

If you want any of the above, the Stampin’ Up! Opportunity is well worth considering!
What's the deal?
You pay $189 for your starter kit. For that, you receive $285 worth of product, as well as $90 worth of free Stampin' Up! business supplies. 

I love my job!  Who wouldn’t love getting paid to craft with friends?  If you’ve ever considered becoming a demonstrator, now is a great time!
With Stampin’ Up!, being a demonstrator means you’ll enjoy all of this and more. Whether you want to earn extra household income, create a full or part-time career, or simply get a discount on your stamping supplies, being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator can help you meet your goals.
I joined up as a demonstrator in March 2016. I joined purely for the great sign up package, but also for the discount. I clearly remember saying to my husband that I wasn't interested in being a demonstrator, just in getting free and cheaper products!  Then I realised I had a couple of friends who were big time crafters, and I asked if they would be prepared to buy Stampin' Up! from me.  They did, and the rest is history.  I still do this for fun, as I love creating.  I also have a full time 'other' job and two fairly young children (11 and 13), and this is great - I can fit it into my evenings, and still have time for family.
What are the benefits of joining my team, the 
 Absolutely Awesome Crafters?
  • Enjoy the support and company of not only myself as your direct manager, but of the entire team.
  • Potential for hobby, part-time, or full-time income.
  • Flexibility in how you run your business and how small or large you want to make it.
  • Work from home!
  • Build life-long friendships not only with the team, but with clients and support staff.
  • Participate in online groups such as the Demonstrator Facebook group, Stampin’ Connection, and more.
  • Learn both creative and business skills at demonstrator events, such as team meetings, Twice a year Stampin’ Up! sponsored training events (attendance at all events is optional).
  • Earn bonus Flex Points (points you can redeem for product, trips, and other rewards) as a new demonstrator during your first six months when you meet sales and recruiting targets (optional, but well worth doing)
  • Exclusive access to the Stampin’ Success Magazine.
  • Receive team newsletters from me so you don’t miss a thing.
  • Opportunity to pre-order products before they are publicly available.
  • Benefit from a 20-38% discount on all your purchases.
  • Earn hostess rewards for yourself on any order over $300 (provided you don’t have a hostess for that order)
  • Potential to earn cash bonuses based on sales, recruiting, and your own team’s performance.
What can you expect from me?

I am really only just starting to build my team, however my upline has a much larger team and we would join her team meetings

  • A comprehensive joining newsletter explaining all of the things you need to know as a new recruit
  • Regular newsletters
  • Recognition for exceptional performance and title promotions
  • Timely answers to texts, calls, and emails (usually immediate to within a few hours)
  • Reasonable availability to take, return, and make phone calls or one on one appointments
  • Relevant and useful training material based on experience or facts
  • To be actively engaged in the business
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the minimum sales requirement to stay active as a demonstrator?    You need only submit $550 per quarter to remain a demonstrator.  (This is less than the average sales in a single workshop. If you hold just one event a month, you can usually meet your quarterly minimum.  However, you can also purchase the minimum amount yourself or with a few friends). You can submit your sales requirements in one order or in smaller orders over the course of the three-month period
  2. What if I want to do this as a hobby and not necessarily as a business?   You are welcome on the team no matter how you want to run your demonstrator ship or to what volume.  If you choose not to hold events, you can work to generate online orders, orders from family and friends, and order product for yourself.
  3. Can I be my own hostess?  Yes.  You can hold your own workshops and be your own hostess, collecting hostess dollars as well as your own discount and any other associated benefits.
  4. How much does it cost to buy the Starter Kit?  The kit is $189 and you can choose what comes in it!  Choose up to $285 worth of product plus you will receive a business supply pack valued at $90 (catalogues, order forms, etc). 
  5. Do I have to recruit?  No, there is no requirement to build your own team. However, there are many benefits to doing so, such as the close relationships and the support you can give each other. If it’s something you’d like to do, I will give you full support and resources to help you meet your goals.
  6. What if I don’t meet the minimums or things change for me and I quit?  You may stop at any time and will not be penalized.  You simply stop placing orders. However, there are many benefits to remaining an active demonstrator.
Ready to join me?  I’d love to have you on my team!  You can sign up immediately here (click on the picture)

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